Weleda Skin Food



The Weleda Skin Food is one of the oldest products this company makes. The formula is the same since 1926.

This product is extremely nourishing and very hydrating. It does wonders for hands, elbows and feet, plus it’s good enough even for vegetarians. Even Adele Laurie Blue Adkins uses it.

This balm repairs the skin wonderfully. This ointment is able to get rid of dry to very dry flaky skin quickly. I can easily state that the Weleda Skin Food is the worst nightmare for dry patches.

This product contains organic sunflower oil, chamomile, calendula, extracts of wild pansy and rosemary.

The Weleda Skin Food does extra lovely things for undernourished skin. On the other hand I don’t enjoy the scent of this product at all. I use this balm as a night cream and the scent tends to linger for a while so it’s a bit unpleasant for me. This ointment can be used during flights to avoid dried fruit complexion. With this item a little goes a long way, so I apply it sparingly.

On my face I apply this incredibly rich cream by gently patting on. That avoids dragging the skin. As for the rest of my body I gently (there’s no need to be rougher) into the skin. This product is great for treating eczema. The Weleda Skin Food is also nice to my cuticles.

The Weleda Skin Food is truly a must have for everyone and only to confirm once again how amazing this product is I’ll make a small list with the awards that this products has won:

  1. Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible Award – April 2014
  2. By the Figaro Fashion Magazine it has the title of Best of the Organic Cosmetic
  3. This product has a place on the Essential Magazine 2012 like an eco beauty hero.

I also know Rihanna, Kerry Washington, Alexa Chung, Victoria Beckham use this product.

This balm stands for plenty of hours supposedly slept, so lack of sleep is no longer an issue. When I use at night it does leave my face looking shiny, actually oily, but that’s because I tend to forget how little I need of this balm.




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