Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish


I have shades: 111 english rose, 144 black is back, 147 miss universe, 114 fame fatal and 107 naughty and pink!

I’ll start with saying really cute names for nail polish, plus the colors are amazing. I intend to buy more shades.

This formula is super fast drying on its own, so I love that. These nail polishes are opaque in 2 coats except for the glittery/sparkly ones like 147 miss universe.

All nail polishes glide on for a glossy finish, which is nice enough.


111 english rose is a mixture of pink mauve shades, or at least I think so. It’s a much pinkier version of Modern Love by Deborah Lippmann. It’s a lighter version of Toff by Butter London. English Rose is a neutral shade so I think it will suit a lot of skin tones and plenty of occasions.

144 black is back is a very basic but necessary color. It’s a must have.

The brush of these vernis à ongles are medium sized so it’s easy to apply it.

I recommend rolling gently between your palms the nail polish bottle before use to warm the product. To apply the nail polish the best way is starting from the center of your nail. Firstly apply a fine coat all over the nail. Repeat for a completely opaque color with a second coat. And always wipe away excess lacquer on the rim of the bottle for a clean application.


147 miss universe is a very lovely shade, it’s one of my favorites from this brand. Sometimes I wish I could have eyes like that, I mean this color. Now back to the nail polish, which is a complete statement, this one needs 3 thins layers to be opaque. To me this color is edgy and sophisticated. This shade it’s a mixture of blue, green and black on the base. 147 miss universe is almost identical to Hypnotic by Leighton Denny. Basically if you love a rich teal you will love 147 miss universe.


114 fame fatal is a classic itself. This color is similar enough to Coquette by Jin Soon. This bright cherry shade is incredible! I love it!

Lastly 107 naughty and pink! is a almost neon Barbie pink. This bright pink is great for summer. It’s not a bubblegum pink or carnation pink, it’s more a fuchsia pink.



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