NYC Quick Dry Nail Polish




Full name: NYC In a New York Minute Quick Dry Nail Polish

NYC or New York Color is a lower end brand that makes a variety of cosmetics; I personally like the nail polish. I like shades: 208 Pier 17 and 294 Lexington Yellow.


208 Pier 17 is a blue vibrant shade, which is lovely. The brush however is not my favorite and the nail polish for sure does not dry in less than 60 seconds. This applies to all the nail polishes from this range, not just this one. The best part about these nail polishes is that they contain calcium, magnesium and iron. 208 Pier 17 is long lasting, just like all the other shades.


294 Lexington Yellow is actually a good yellow shade. It’s almost neon. This nail polish is similar enough to Traffic by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.

NYC has a huge color range available including super glossy shades, liquid metals, metallics, as well as glitter shades. There is something for everyone, every outfit, and every occasion. From classic to modern there is something for you, plus is chip-resistant. And let’s not forget the economical price.


8 thoughts on “NYC Quick Dry Nail Polish

  1. rasilla says:

    ah…thats why I stopped using them. couldn’t get around the brush -__- and I had no idea that they had calcium and mag! thats actually pretty interesting

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