July 2014 Favorites


The products that I have been loving this month are the Vasenol Spray & Go Moisturizer, Athena Beauté Facial Cleansing Wipes and The Body Shop Overnight Serum-In-Oil.

The Vasenol Spray & Go Moisturizer hydrates in seconds and that way I can get dressed and move on with my life easily. The scent is really nice, plus the non-greasy formula is lovely. It never leaves my skin sticky or greasy. There’s no rich texture whatsoever. I should also mention that this product will not work if you have dry or flaky skin, so don’t expect an everyday knight in shining armor.  Like I just mentioned it’s not suitable for all skin types.

The Athena Beauté Facial Cleansing Wipes are truly gentle, but effective inexpensive wipes. These wipes remove makeup nicely and can be used to refresh the skin. This is the easiest way to remove makeup, if you ask me. This brand is against animal testing, which is another plus.

The Body Shop Overnight Serum-In-Oil is the best of both worlds. I get a serum and an oil and I love that. It saves me time while doing my skincare, and I enjoy that a lot. I love the lightweight and non greasy formula. It’s fast absorbing, which is another bonus; however this is not a facial in a bottle.


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