New Hair, Don’t Care

New season, new trends and new hair! This kind of change is good. I cut my hair today, I choosed a short bob and I love it. It frames my face better. Long locks no more.

So, what about you? Thinking about getting a hair cut?

I think you should, and not because you’ll save shampoo and conditioner, but because it feels good to do something a little different.

Thanks for reading!

P.S.: Let me know if you get a haircut, I’d like to know.


4 thoughts on “New Hair, Don’t Care

  1. I’m not so adventurous with my hair length, I like it medium long as anything shorter or longer makes me look like a 5 year old as I have such a round face haha. I am however thinking about dying my hair, the whole platinum thing really tickles my fancy. Not sure if I dare to destroy my hair that much though. Oh the struggles… Xx

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