Avène Eau Thermale


It’s a must-have!

For sensitive as well as intolerant and  also irritated skin this product is a delight. Soothe your skin by spraying a mist of the Eau Thermale. This thermal water spray is best for sunburns, soothing, after deep cleansing masks, after shaving and after waxing. It’s incredibly refreshing, even a little comforting.

It’s safe even for babies, so you can use it for the diaper rash, after sport activities it can literally be your best friend, since it’s so refreshing, and it also helps with redness.


4 thoughts on “Avène Eau Thermale

  1. It really does help with the redness on my face! If I have a sunburn, I always put on some Avene Eau Thermale before I put on my aftersun lotion. I also use it before I remove my make-up. I have the feeling it “loosens up” my make-up, so it’s easier to remove. It’s an absolute must!

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